The Lupus Recovery Diet

with Jill Harrington

Hello Friends,

I recently sent the people on my mailing list a series of three videos to teach you
how easy eating a Whole Foods, Vegan diet can be.

I have put all three for you below. Enjoy!


How to make cooking Brown rice really easy


What to do with all that rice - Dragon Bowls

Portobello Mushrooms - an easy burger or meal

Do you want my personal help getting started and sticking
 with the Lupus Recovery Diet?

With these videos - now you can have me in your kitchen with you! 

Let me hold your hand and get you to the point where eating plant based, whole foods 
is easy and natural. 

You'll develop new HABITS of shopping, planning and cooking. 

Then... it will get easier and easier for you, as you feel better and better!

So hereís the plan:

Upgrade to the Weekly Veg Video Tips and I will send you an upbeat and informative video each week!

Through these videos youíll receive:

                                                 * Creative Food Ideas
                                                 * Time Saving Tips
                                                 * Short Cuts
                                                 * Shopping Advice
Meal Ideas
                                                 * Recession Money Saving Tips

                                                  And Most Importantly,
                        * The Motivation to Stick With It.. so that You Can Feel Good Again!

But That's Not All, Here Are 2 Bonuses to Sweeten the Offer

IĎve added two bonuses, because I know this service is going to make your life easier.
and I want to encourage you to join me.

Bonus #1 - My Favorite Dessert Recipes

I know that you love recipes and especially recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth.

It can seem that the Lupus Recovery Diet is limiting, but I know some amazing 
desserts that are actually good for you!

Iíll send you my 15 favorite desserts and sweets.  You can have a new dessert every 
other day! I promise, you and your family will love them.

Bonus #2-  Peek In My Kitchen Cabinets

Since the Lupus Recovery Diet emphasizes whole foods, it can seem that
packaged foods are out of reach for us. 

Well, Iím always searching the labels on boxes, cans and wrappers to find packaged 
foods that are oil free, dairy free and low in salt. 

I've written down a detailed list of what I have on my shelves...

You can take this list to your grocery store or health food store. 

These products may already be on your storeís shelves and 
you just havenít seen them... but if not, many times the store will either
start carrying them or special order them  (yes, theyíre that good).

All of this for just $10 a month!

Youíll receive a informative and motivational video from me each week.  

I could easily charge $20 a month for this personal video service
but I want to be sure that anyone can afford it.

So, as a special offer for my loyal readers, you'll pay just $10 a month for the
weekly videos and these special bonuses.

Thatís much less than your Internet connection.. your cell phone,
cable service, the newspaper, or even a cookbook.

And, since you are the founding members - when I do raise the
price, you will be grandfathered in at the $10 rate.

You can also pay $97 for a full twelve months, which is like getting a twelve month
subscription of the price of Ten months!

** Because annual billing will be so much easier for me, if you pay for the full year,
I'll add an extra bonus of your choice of any my audio recordings. **

These sell for $29.95, and include interviews with Doctors and Nutritionists. The 
interview with Dr. Goldhamer on fasting and autoimmune patients is very popular.

I'll send you a list that you can choose from, once you've signed up. 

Don't Worry, Your Happiness is Guaranteed

As with everything I do, I guarantee that you will love this program. 
You can easily cancel at anytime, and there is no long term commitment.

So, what do you think? Want to join us? 

Just Click on the button below to upgrade to the "Weekly Veg Tips Videos".

Iíll send your bonuses out right away!


Or, for the additional bonus, choose the annual payment....




Jill Harrington
Author, The Lupus Recovery Diet

P.S. Twelve months of personal Vegan Eating coaching by me for only $97!
As my Mom says "that's a real bargain."

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